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Please use our handling request below.  All aircraft handling requests must be sent to Tallinn Airport GH at least 24 hours before the planned arrival/departure.
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Pricing /quotes/proforma invoices: phone: Phone: +372 6058733 Fax: +372 6058319 SITA: TLLGH8XE-mail: ops@tll.aero
Charter flights: (+372) 605 8421 Fax: (+372) 605 8786 e-mail: handling@tll.aero
REMARKS• Extra 100% will be charged for providing ground handling services at night (24:00 – 06:00 local time) and EstonianNational Holidays. Exception – De-/ Anti-Icing.• Any disbursements made by Tallinn Airport GH to third parties on behalf of the Buyer of the services will be chargedto the Buyer at cost price plus an accounting surcharge of 10%.• The price of the Basic Ground Handling service applies to one flight (turnaround), which includes meeting andpositioning the aircraft, apron-, passenger and luggage service co-ordination, also the sending of operating messages,the transport of documentation (excluding delivery of MET and/or ATS), also the assistance of the crew (border,customs etc.) and the rendering of cashier’s desk services.• Airport infrastructure fees will be added to ground handling fees (unless otherwise agreed).• Weight & Balance calculation – if load sheet requested.• Payment for the rendered services must be made before the departure of the aircraft unless otherwise agreed.• Hourly rates are calculated by every started hour.• Payment methods – VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERSCLUB, CASH (Paying with othercurrency than Euro – the valid Swedbank exchange rate is used to calculate the price).• All aircraft handling requests must be sent to Tallinn Airport GH at least 24 hours before the planned arrival/departure.Fax: (+372) 605 8319, SITA: TLLGH8X, E-mail: handling@tll.aero• All prices are given without turnover tax (VAT).
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