Our Quality and ISO Standards

Tallinn Airport GH quality consists of safety, punctuality and a perfect customer service. All personnel shall be committed to realise these dimensions in all daily routines. Each department is responsible for the quality of their operations, product or service. This is how the quality system sets requirements and challenges for the whole personnel of Tallinn Airport GH Ltd.
The main objectives of the aviation authorities and aviation clienteles are:

•   High level of common safety and security
•   Fair and equal competition
•   Safe company economy
•   Minimization of operative restrictions caused by the regulations
•   To improve and maintain the quality of both service and operation processes
•   Follow all others carriers quality policies
•   Improve competitiveness
•   Support all advisable development activities
•   Fulfill aviation authorities requirements

Our main target is the satisfaction of our Clients. For us it means, that every client has a right to polite, professional, friendly, fast, flexible and reliable service. As our clients have various standards for different services due to the culture of their companies, our servicing level must be adaptable for every client individually.

Concrete Service Quality goals set by our management:

•   We want to be a leading independent ground handling company in Estonia;
•   We want to create our own Tallinn Airport GH Quality Culture that includes the personal contribution of all our employees.

We have management standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015.

Krediidiinfo Ltd, an Experian company certifies that Tallinn Airport GH AS has achieved the rating “excellent” based on 2011 economic data.

We are awarded the distinction “Lufthansa Station of the Month”. For its excellent achievement of targets and quality assurance of the Lufthansa ground product, as well as for its committed customer care.

The international credit information company Creditinfo Eesti AS has certified that AS Tallinn Airport GH has achieved the rating of VERY GOOD (AA) based on economic data for 2017.


     Quality is our standard